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Izunokuni Traditional Art Performance Center
Location : Izunokuni, Shizuoka, Japan
Year : 2013
Program :
Theater, Tourist Information,
Communication Center
Client : Izunokuni City
Size : 
Total Floor Area  796㎡
Building Area  578㎡
Site Area   4,067㎡
Type  : Competition

This is a complex project for Traditional Art Performance Center, Tourist Information and Communication Center.The thater is built to protect GEIKO culture, traditional art developed in Izunokuni City.


On once occasion, hot spring town of Izu Nagaoka has unique atomosphere produced by GEIKO culture.

This is a important facility to produce new value and culture by mixing culture of tradition, mordern and future in this area.


17° to Forest

Audieces in a theater face to Genji mountain forest in front through traditional art performance. This experience is created by the open theater that has movable open roof for close communication to forest.

17° slant roof is able to open to integrate growing forest of mountain into theater interior space.

Performing space has roll back chairs which can be folded to create big space for multiporpose functions, various performance and workshop etc.


Park with gentle big slope

We propose park with gentle big slope to connect surrounding area to Genji mountain forest. It makes boundary of city and forest blur.

The role of big slope is roof garden used as open cafe, exhibition space, market and local festival.


Tradition and Innovation

Traditional performing art center cause cycle from various performing art to gathering people to people communication to new culture creation to next tradition.

This cycle is difined as innovation in this project.

We have confidence that the cycle is essential to design ideal architecture for residents and tourists.


Hybird structure of wood and steel

Roof garden and bottom structure is made of reinforced concrete. Top box is hybird structure of wood and steel.

2 boxes on the hill are strong monocoque structure that columns and beams frame which is composed of steel core covered by fireproof wood is covered by wooden shear wall as floor and roof.

Steel frame supports vertical loads and wood shear wall supports horizontal loads by inclination of building, earthquake and wind.

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