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Hot-Spring Resort in Qingdao International Competition 1st Prize
JCD Design Award 2008 
Colordesigner International Competition Mentions

We welcome design offers from persons below about luxury home & villa architecture design in Japan.​

It is free of charge to contact and ask us about more details.Feel free to contact us.

The persons who

  1. want to build newly custom-built home.

  2. are not satisfied with monotonous design by house builder.

  3. want to live custom home which is particular about design, not a ready-built house.

  4. look for an architect who take care of your requests until you consent to.

  5. accept cost to a certain extent for high quality house.

  6. want to build a villa or house like a villa.

​Himematsu Architecture is an architectural design firm for luxury home, custom home, villa based in Tokyo Japan.

We are not accepting low-cost home.

Type of home we can design

  • Custom Home

  • Luxury home

  • Villa

Service Area


Architecture design service for luxury home, villa is available mainly in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama & Villa Area below.

Regarding the other area, we can accept design offer depending on your request details.

Please feel free to contact us.


Adachi city, Sumida city, Arakawa city, Setagaya city, Itabashi city, Taito city, Edogawa city, Chiyoda city, Ota city, Chuo city, Katsushika city, Toshima city, Kita city, Nakano city, Koto city, Nerima city, Shinagawa city, Bunkyo city, Shibuya city, Minato city, Shinjuku city, Meguro city, Suginami city, Akishima city, Akiruno city, Inagi city, Ome city, Kiyose city, Kunitachi city, Koganei city, Kokubunji city, Kodaira city, Komae city, Tachikawa city, Tama city, Chofu city, Nishi Tokyo city, Hachioji city, Hamura city, Higashi Kurume city, Higashi Murayama city, Higashi Yamato city, Hino city, Fuchu city, Fussa city, Machida city, Mitaka city, Musashino city, Musashimurayama city, Nishi Tama-gun, Okutama town, Hinode town, Mizuho town


Yokohama city, Kawasaki city, Sagamihara city, Yokosuka city, Hiratsuka city, Kamakura city, Fujisawa city, Odawara city, Chigasaki city, Izu city, Miura city, Hadano city, Atsugi city, Yamato city, Isehara city, Ebina city, Zama city, Minami Ashigara city, Ayase city, Hayama town, Samukawa town, Oiso town, Ninomiya town, Nakai town, Oi town, Matsuda town, Yamakita town, Kaisei town, Hakone town, Manazuru town, Yugawara town, Aikawa town, Kiyokawa town Yachimata town, Inzai town


Chiba city, Choshi city, Ichikawa city, Funabashi city, Tateyama city, Kisarazu city, Matsudo city, Noda city, Mobara city, Narita city, Sakura city, Togane city, Asahi city, Narashino city, Kashiwa city, Katsuura city, Ichihara city, Nagareyama city, Yachiyo city, Abiko city, Kamogawa city, Kamagaya city, Kimitsu city, Futtu city, Urayasu city, Yotsukaido city, Sodegaura city, Shiroi city, Tomisato  city, Minamiboso city, Sosa city, Katori city, Sammu city, Isumi city, Oamishirasato city, Shisui town, Sakae town, Kozaki town, Tako town, Tohnosho town, Kujukuri town, Shibayama town, Yokoshibahikari town, Ichinomiya town, Mutsuzawa town, Chosei village, Shirako town, Nagara town, Chonan town, Otaki town, Onjuku town, Kyonan town


Saitama city, Kawagoe city, Kumagaya city, Kawaguchi city, Gyoda city, Chichibu city, Tokorozawa city, Hanno city, Kazo city, Honjo city, Higashimatsuyama city, Kasukabe city, Sayama city, Hanyu city, Kounosu city, Fukaya city, Ageo city, Soka city,  Koshigaya city,  Warabi city, Toda city, Iruma city, Asaka city, Shiki city, Wako city, Niiza city, Okegawa city, Kuki city, Kitamoto city, Yashio city, Fujimi city, Misato city, Hasuda city, Sakado city, Satte city, Tsurugashima city, Hidaka city, Yoshikawa city, Fujimino city, Shiraoka city, Ina town, Miyoshi town, Moroyama town, Ogose town, Namegawa town, Ranzan town, Ogawa town, Kawashima town, Yoshimi town, Hatoyama town, Tokigawa town, Yokoze town, Ogano town, Higashichichibu village, Misato town, Kamikawa town, Kamisato town, Yorii town, Miyashiro town, Sugito town, Matsubushi town

Tochigi, Gunma, Yamanashi, Shizuoka, Nagano, Gifu, Aichi, Nagoya city, Osaka, Hyogo, Kobe, Hiroshima, Fukuoka

Holiday Villa Area

Karuizawa, Nasu, Shiobara, Yatsugatake, Tateshina, Shonan, Miura, Kamakura, Izu, Hayama, Hakone, Atami, Yugawara, Hamanako, Nikko, Kinugawa, Boso, Kusatsu, Yuzawa, Naeba, Fujisanroku, Yamanakako, Kawaguchiko, Gifu, Minamichita, Rokkosan


Design Performance


Design Features for Luxury home & villa

  • Plan & Consulting

Before designing a architecture, you need to decide direction, concept, targets and other factors of the apartment building. We are delighted to consult you to realize ideal apartment building from starting point based on your requests.

  • Acceptance of your demands

We try to reflect your requests in architectural design as much as possible.

If your requests was difficult to realize legally & structurally, we propose another design instead of it.


  • Aseismatic design

We realize structurally safe building for customers by using latest aseismatic design.

  • Women's point of view

We are committed to woman's point of views. They are concerned about clean design for toilets & bath. We also propose the building & interior design depending on woman's point of views.


  • Universal Design

We aims to propose convenient design not only for disabled person and elderly who need an easily accessible environment but whole residents.

  • Construction cost reduction

If construction cost was over the budget, you need to decide priority of your requests clearly. We propose how to distribute the budget to more important parts effectively.


  • Worldwide service area

Even we are based in Tokyo Japan, it is possible for us to give the architectural design service out of Japan. We have considerable experiences to design architecture in Asia, USA, EU, Oceania.


Customer Reviews

I was worrying about exterior design, planning, budget.
I recieved ideal proposal designed by my requests.


Particuraly, Mr. Himematsu accepted layout change many time to produce plan without waste of space and ideal design.

I was satisfied with home design with elegant & luxury.

I appreciated zealous efforts by Mr. Himematsu.

Mr. H. H


Design Awards

Hot-Spring Resort in Qingdao International Competition 1st Prize

JCD Design Award 2008

Vinegar Cafe SU 

JCD Design Award 2008

MIO milano 


mentions award

Himematsu Architecture is an award winning design firm for architecture & interior.

We have many awards for architecture & interior design to get objective evaluation world widely.

We aim to create Luxury Home & Villa to contribute residential culture by pursuing attractive built environment multiderectionally.

Appearance on TV, Radio & publication




Contact (free)

Feel free to contact us by design request form or telephone or e-mail. Please tell us your request details about images, function and other, even it is free of charge. Please refer to things to prepare.


Design Fee Estimate (free)

If we could make sure the gross area of the building from your information, we can tell you rough estimate for design and supervision fee and rough schedule. This estimate is not a construction cost which will be estimated by construction company just before construction start.


Concept design (charged)

We start rough design after contracting only for rough design which is charged. If you are satisfied with the rough design, we can make a contract for whole design & supervision as next steps.


Formal Contract

You make a formal contract with Himematsu Architecture for schematic design, design development & construction supervision.


Schematic design

We make drawings for plan, section, elevation, images and others. Ideal direction of the design is fixed based on your requests, law, technical considerations & other factors through enough meetings.


Design development

Detail drawings will be completed based on the schematic design. Conversation between you and us is still proceeded to consider precise usability. It creates the best detail drawings for ideal hotel spaces.


Construction cost estimate

We ask for an construction estimate to few construction companies near the site. We choose one of them to officially ask for construction of the hotel after adjusting cost and your agreement.


Construction permission

In Japan, you need to apply building confirmation to receive approval of construction from government. After the approval, construction starts. Approval flow depends on each country the site exists.


Construction supervision

Himematsu architecture supervises construction sites by checking schedule, construction mistakes and quality. You receive the new building after construction. There are countries Himematsu Architecture cannot supervise construction sites because of its counry's rules.


Fee for Design & Supervision

Fee is about design and construction supervision. Construction supervision fee is the reward we check if the construction follows our drawings.

You will make a contract about construction cost with construction company after 07/construction cost estimate from our drawings.

In 03/concept design phase, You only need to contract with us only about concept design, not whole design.

We present you first design based on your requests which is charged 10% of whole design fee or lowest fee 300,000 yen. You can decide if you go to next phase, 05/schematic design after you approved the concept design.

1. Newly built design fee

We design new building & interior as well. This is a fee for architectural design, interior design and construction supervision. At the beginning design, we show you design & supervision fee calculated by the method of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

2.Other fees not included in design fee

  • Transportation expenses far from Tokyo and accommodation fee

  • Fee for application for building confirmation : You pay to examining authority.

  • Site measurement fee : You pay to the site measurement company.

  • Ground survey fee :  You pay to ground survey company.


Things you have to prepare

  • Land survey drawings including mesurement

  • Contact form below

  • Design images you have


Himematsu Architecture is a Architecture & Interior Design firm based in Tokyo Japan.
We design resort hotel, design hotel, boutique hotel, spa, clinic, hospital, commercial building, car dealer, office, apartment, villa, luxury house.

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