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Nursery School & Kindergarten Design

保育園・幼稚園の設計 |東京・神奈川(横浜)・千葉・埼玉・茨城・栃木・群馬・山梨・静岡| 姫松建築設計事務所

We will design the nursery where you want to put your child.
Nursery School & Kindergarten Design

Hot-Spring Resort in Qingdao International Competition 1st Prize
JCD Design Award 2008 
Colordesigner International Competition Mentions

This page provides the following explanations for those who are thinking of new construction or renovation for Nursery School & Kindergarten. Please see another page for design fees and design flow.

Recommended for people (Nursery School & Kindergarten design)


​We offer architectural design services to those who

  1. want to build a Nursery School & Kindergarten with high functionality and efficient layout

  2. want to build a Nursery School & Kindergarten but do not know where to ask

  3. are looking for a company that can handle after-sales maintenance

  4. want to complete the Nursery School & Kindergarten by requesting one place from design to construction

  5. are looking for an design office until you are satisfied with the plan

  6. are looking for a design firm that can flexibly respond to your wishes

Inquiries are free.


For those who want a Nursery School & Kindergarten that is particular about functionality and efficiency We are a design office that designs Nursery School & Kindergarten mainly in Tokyo.


[Types of Nursery School & Kindergarten available]

  • Nursery School (Licensed, Unlicensed, Certified)

  • Kindergarten

  • Baby hotels

  • In-house nursery (daycare center)

  • Certified childcare centers

Not recommended for the following person

* We are not able to respond to the following people because we receive many design requests from them.

  1. Those who want us to make the first Concept Design for free. Those who mistakenly believe that design fees are free. About Concept Design.

  2. Those who want to build at any cost. Those who demand more than the cost, although we will try to reduce it.

  3. Those who do not have a sufficient schedule. It takes at least three weeks to plan and design a small project, not two weeks or ten days. 

  4. Those who want to request only Concept Design and plan to use other companies for the schematic design and detailed design.

New construction & interior design of Nursery School & Kindergarten


New construction

This is a service that handles everything from designing to construction of new Nursery School & Kindergarten.

[Business contents]

  • Architectural design (structural design, equipment design)

  • Interior design

  • Furniture design

  • Sign (signboard) production

  • Construction supervision

  • Response to the authorities

And son on

* Please contact us after preparing the site information .


We support the interior design and the renovation work of existing Nursery School & Kindergarten.

[Business contents]

  • Interior design

  • Furniture design

  • Sign (signboard) production

  • Construction supervision

  • Response to the authorities

  • Equipment design

And so on


Design plan of Nursery School & Kindergarten


Design & Supervision Plan


Concept Design

Schematic Design

Detailed Design

Application for Construction Permition

Construction Supervision

A plan where you can request everything from Concept Design to Construction Supervision.

This is the plan with less burden on the clients and the most requests.

Since construction supervision is also performed by us, the quality of the completed building is high and the finish is reliable.


Design plan


Concept Design

Schematic Design

Detailed Design

Application for Construction Permition

This is a design-only plan.

You can select the range of design pahse according to your wishes from Concept Design, Schematic Design, Detailed Design, Application for Construction Permition.

If you want to ask detailed design to a construction company, or a simple building plan, it will be work & reduce the design cost.

Since construction supervision is not performed, the quality of the building depends on the construction company ability.

​Refer to the design flow for the details to be performed at each phase.


Supervision Plan


Concept Design

Schematic Design

Total Design Supervision

The plan is for us to do the Concept & Schematic Design and bid on the design and construction of the construction company.

We will propose a design concept, design the exterior and exterior space of the building, and design the entrance and other common areas. From a design point of view, we will propose the main design principles through an analysis of the surrounding area and customer targets. We also compile specific design documents for the interior, colors, lighting, furniture, art, signage, etc., and select the finishing materials and give instructions to the construction company's detail designer.

対応地域 | 倉庫、物流倉庫、冷凍・冷蔵倉庫設計

Nursery School & Kindergarten design service areas: Japan

In Tokyo, Shinjuku Ward , Shibuya Ward , Minato Ward , Meguro Ward , Shinagawa Ward , Koto Ward , Chuo Ward , Chiyoda Ward , Taito Ward , Sumida Ward , Toshima Ward , Ota Ward , Edogawa Ward , Setagaya Ward , Bunkyo Ward , Suginami Ward Requests from people are mainly available, but it is possible to handle all areas.


Kanto prefecture (Yokohama city) , Chiba prefecture , Saitama prefecture , Ibaraki prefecture , Tochigi prefecture , Gunma prefecture , Yamanashi prefecture , Shizuoka prefecture, etc.

In Japan , Osaka prefecture , Aichi prefecture (Nagoya etc.) , Kyoto prefecture , Fukuoka prefecture , Hokkaido (Sapporo, Hakodate etc.) , Okinawa prefecture (Naha etc.) , Miyagi prefecture (Sendai etc.) , Hyogo prefecture (Kobe etc.), Kagoshima prefecture, Miyazaki Prefecture etc.

*In addition, please feel free to contact us as we can undertake other areas in Japan .

Free of charge for consultation only.

Web meetings with customers are now possible. It can be used by people outside of Tokyo.

Nursery School & Kindergarten design Features


Support from pre-design planning and consulting

Before the building is designed, we need to decide on how it will be used, the direction of the facility, and the concept of the facility.
We will provide you with consulting services to help you realize your ideal facility based on your requirements.


Accepting your requests

We will try to design a project that reflects your needs as much as possible.
If your request is not feasible, such as in violation of the law or structural difficulties, we will inform you of this and propose a solution.
We will continue to work with you as many times as necessary to refine your plan until you are satisfied with it.


Design using antibacterial building materials

We actively use antimicrobial building materials to meet the needs of the market due to the corona disaster.

We will try to make proposals for the use of antimicrobial products, such as wall and flooring materials, so that you can live a safe life.


Design for earthquake resistant design

The building is designed to be earthquake-resistant according to the latest standards so that patients can visit the facility with confidence.


Cost reduction and operational efficiency

Maximize storage efficiency with an efficient layout in the warehouse.

We aim to reduce labor costs by organizing items and reducing work time.


Disability-friendly design

We will respond to the new universal design trend. Our goal is to design facilities that are convenient for everyone, including children, rather than making them barrier-free and easy to use for specific users, such as the disabled and some elderly people.


Design area: all over Japan

We are an architectural design office based in Tokyo, but we accept architectural design throughout Japan based on our abundant design experience.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Proposals for flexible construction cost reduction

We will prioritize your requirements and identify the areas that will be spent and the areas that will not be spent. We will propose an effective way to allocate the cost of the project, focusing on the most important areas.


High quality finish by design and construction separation method

Design and construction are handled by different companies.
The design company will check the construction work of the construction company at any time, and if there is a mistake, the design company will point out the problem and instruct the construction company to correct it.
Our double-checking system ensures a high quality finish that you can rest assured will be achieved.


Design awards


Hot-Spring Resort in Qingdao

International  Competition

First Prize

JCD Design Award 2008

MIO milano 

JCD Design Award 2008

Vinegar Cafe SU 


International  Competition


Himematsu Architecture won many design awards in Japan & internationally.

We have a lot of achievements on design which are highly evaluated objectively and satisfied with our clients & customers.

We will continue to pursue comfortable architectural and interior design from a variety of perspectives to create attractive architecture that contributes to a new society and culture.


Media & Publication

Architectures & interiors designed by Himematsu Architecture were published in many magazines, books & newspapers around the world.
CEO Himematsu was invited on radio show as a specialist for architecture & interior design and gets attention from a lot of media.

Typical media & articles as examples are below.

Design & construction system for Nursery School & Kindergarten

Design & construction system for hospital & clinic

The diagram above shows the system for designing and constructing a Nursery School & Kindergarten.

The client should request the design from Himematsu Architecture first, and then the construction company.

The design supervision contract and the construction contract are separate, but since Himematsu Architecture and the construction company will work together as a team to complete the work until the end, the burden on the client does not increase.

The work flow is roughly divided and proceed in the order of 1. design 2. construction .

First of all, it will start from, please contact Himematsu Architecture.

We answer free questions for simple questions that do not require an investigation.


We will select a construction company when the design is completed.

A local construction company will be selected close to the site.

We undertake the design, but when construction begins, we supervise the construction and the construction company will perform the construction.

Since Himematsu Architecture checks construction, you can reach the completion of the building with peace of mind.

An accurate construction cost will be determined when we make detailed drawings and the construction company estimates the construction cost based on the drawings.

Even we create rough drawings at the beginning, please understand that at that point we can answer the approximate construction cost but we can not submit the construction cost accurately.

​In first planning, we will tell you a rough estimate of the construction cost, and after your approval, we will proceed to next detailed designing.

The detail flow of the design and construction for Nursery School & Kindergarten is here please visit.

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