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CEO Profile

CEO   Shinichiro Himematsu


1975  Born in Miyazaki

1997  University of The Ryukyus, Faculty of Engineering

2001  University College London  M.Arch

working in Asymptote (NY), Shigeru Ban Architects (Tokyo) for architectural design projects in USA, China, Japan, France, Finland, Netherlands, Switzerland etc.

2006  Founding Himematsu Architecture
2014-2017 Visiting Professor  University of The Ryukyus 
Faculty of Engineering


Licence  1st Class Registered Architect


Projects in Asymptote

Carlos Miele Store in NY (USA)

Snow Show (Finland)

Asymptote Exhibition in NAI (Netherlands) 

WTO Headquater Competition (Switzerland)


Projects in Shigeru Ban Architects 

Centre Pompidou-Metz (France)

Nomadic Museum NY (USA) 

Container Office (China) 



  • 1st Prize Hot-Spring Resort International competition (Himawari Design)

  • JCD Design Award 2008(MIO milano) 

  • JCD Design Award 2008(Vinegar Cafe SU) 

  • colordesigner International competition : mentions

  • peepshow International competition 2005 : best10project

  • Miami Bienal 2003 : Second Stage

  • Japanese Government Scholarship for University College London in 2000

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