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KK House
Location : Tokyo, Japan
Year : 2011
Program : House
Client : Family in Tokyo
Size : Total Floor Area  93 ㎡
Story : 2
Type  : Complete
Design : Himematsu Architecture
Construction : Shinkyo Kensetsu Kogyo
Lighting : KOIZUMI
homify  Japanese, German

This house is designed for 2 generation family in Tokyo, Japan.

One family spends living hour different from other's.

This project is needed "approproate distance" between 2 families not to interrupt a familiy living hour by the others.


The site exists between 2 narrow road. Surrounding block has same pattern and grid. 2 accesses from each road divide 2 families living hours appropriately.

Young family tends to spend their time late at night. On the other hands, old family tends to spend early.

1st floor is used by old family and 2nd floor is mainly used by young family. 2sn floor living space is sometimes used by everyone to have dinner and chatting.


West side wall has wood louver to block sunlight from west and eye's from outside.

Part of wood louver can be opened by sliding to get view from inside. It is possible to reduce heating energy by opening louver to lead sunlight in winter time.

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