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Chapel & Communication Center at Kyotanabe

Location : Kyotabe, Kyoto, Japan
Year : 2012
Program : Church, Cultural Center
Client : Doshisha University
Size : Total Floor Area  1,230sqm
    Church  806sqm
         Cultural Center   424sqm
         Site Area   1,542sqm
Type  : Competition

This is a chapel and christian cultural center at Doshisha University in Kyotanabe, Kyoto Japan.

University hopes this facilities become symbol of Doshisha University insisting "Basic moral education by Christianity" and is handed down for 100 years, 200 years at Kyotanabe campus.

We hope student at kyotanabe campus feel to study at Christial university by watching and using these facilities.

We also hope these buildings will be told in graduates in memories.


Silent Forest

These facilities are proposed as reincarnation of Kyotanabe forest.

Myriad of colums covering building surface create sunlight filtering down through the coloums. The light has different expression depending on season and time.


Chapel space helps that people meet with god in spiritual stability caused by soft light in worship.


Visitor from outside can have events to communicates so that surrounding people can gather for events.

Students will have memories of experience here with Kyotanabe nature, therefore these facilities will be reminded as prode and symbol by graduates from Doshisha University.

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