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Mio Milano
Location : Yokohama, Japan
Year : 2008
Program : Retail (Bag)
Client : LAKiA Ltd
Size : Total Floor Area  29㎡
Type  : Complete
Design : Himematsu Architecture
Construction : BUILD
Lighting : ENDO
Award : JCD Design Award 2008
Publication :

100 Architects & designers of New Generation

Display, Commercial Space & Sign Design

This is a bag retail shop, "Mio Milano", at Motomachi, Yokohama, Japan.

The shop exists along narrow street next to main street which has a lot of passerby.

It is little difficult to find the shop because it set back from narrow street that have also many passer-by.


The pourpose of this project is to upgrade visibility of the shop from passerby walking a street.

In order to realize it, strong perspective space was designed based on exisiting narrow and long space.


Many rectangular boxes are arranged and piled up randomly from entrance to inner wall along left and right wall.

The space has directivity by perspective created by many box sides.

Boxes functioned as display furniture that people can watch bags at once.


Inner wall has pink niche, brand color, in which new release bags can be displayed symbolically.

Mio Milano has vivid color bags which are conspicuous on white display and white space.


Pesserby in front of the street can easily recognize bag shop by strong perspective with glance over bags from outside.

Shop facade is fit to street scape without changing dynamically.

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