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Tokyo Motor Show 2011
Location : Tokyo, Japan
Year : 2011
Program : Display Space
Client : Glass Maker
Size : Total Floor Area  91㎡
Structure : Pneumatic
Design : Himematsu Architecture, MLO

This is a booth space for company at Tokyo Motor Show 2011 in Tokyo Big Site.

The booth is display space for new products announced by glass company which contributes to car glass.


The space shows brand image of glass maker, such as transparency, lightness and joy. Ceiling and furniture is made of ETFE membrane that is pneumatic structure based on rhombus grid.


Diffused reflection lighting is coming through 3 layered ETFE Ceiling which has holes randomly.

Furniture is constructed by rhombus grid pattern made of ETFE membrane. Arrangement of the furniture is decided by people moving pattern and display method for products.


This space allowed many people coming from any direction to watch new products and get information.

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