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Protruding Landscape

Location : Italy
Year : 2009
Program : Apparel Retail Shop
Client :
Size : Total Floor Area  500 ㎡
Type  : Competition
Award: Mentions

This is interior design project for clothing apparel shop.


Protruding Landscape

Protruding Landscape is proposed as experimental retail shop design for Italian apparel brand.

The design aims to reconstruct new retail shop space by bringing various programs for urbanized environment in city center.


The space has wavy surface composed of many chamber boxes of same square size and different height.

Boxes make some space for programs,clothig sales, product show, small concert, lounge and cafe.

Each space is used not only for one usage but multifunction depending on shop demands every season.


Each chamber boxes function as space partition, clothing display and chair for cafe and rest.

Box rearrangement creates new elegant space with corresponding new demands flexibly.

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