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Punggol Waterway

Location : Punggol Singapore
Year : 2008
Program :
Condominium, Park, Community Center
Client : Housing & Development Board
Size :
Total Floor Area  682,667 ㎡
Site Area  26.6 ha
Type  : Competition

This is urban design and condominium project in Punggol, Singapore.

26.6 ha Punggol area is developed by HDB, Housing & Development Board in Singapore.

This area adjoins downtown including commercial area and have river in the middle.

Many programs are planned such as condominiums, elementary school, junior high school, community center, along the river as a core.


The aim for the project is to create a life with landscape quality with maximum optimization of three dimensional environmental condition. 

The landscape network connects the diverse outdoor space three-dimensionally from river water level through the ground level of river side landscape to the common space on the higher level.

To achieve the ‘quality of life’, the three keywords are highlighted, Landscape Network, Water Atmosphere, and Residence Quality.  Each keyword interact each other as follows. 


Common space (between Landscape Network and Residence Quality)

The common space includes fitness corner, gathering space playground, jogging track, education center, social communal facilities, child care center, committee center at higher levels as well as ground level.  These space can be approached from anywhere through the landscape network three dimensionally.  These spaces within the network activate the whole area and communication level among people. 


Amenity (between Water Atmosphere and Residence Quality)

Water environment creates amenity for the residents to live.  Relaxation attained from the beautiful scene of water reflection, refreshment through the breeze above river, and sustainable sense from the beautiful quality of water will be achieved for the residents.


Water recreation (between Water Atmosphere and Landscape Network)

Water recreations such as canoeing, boating. sailing, etc on the river, and playing with water in the water friendly space, etc are expected within the river water atmosphere.  These activities will emphasize the pleasantness of the space.


We are sure that the organization of Landscape Network, Water Atmosphere, and Residence Quality with interacted factors such as common space, Amenity, and water recreation will create the quality of life for whole area of this project.


Three-dimensional green connection

The three dimensional green landscapes are all networked.  It seamlessly connects the waterfront space on the riverside level to the common spaces on higher levels of the residential blocks through the slopes, stairs, and elevators.  Various common spaces connected in the network accelerate the people’s activities and create the 

sense of their exchange.  

The common spaces such as gathering space, children's playground, and fitness corner & elderly fitness corner, provide children, adults and elderly in the family to spend recreational time together.    

The circulation of the network also functions as stroll paths, cycling and jogging tracks, pebble walks, and green reserves.


The communal facilities on the ground level such as education centre, childcare centre, and residents committee centre are well integrated with 'three dimensional green connection'.  The accessibility to the facilities from each residential unit is optimized.


Optimizing energy performance

The design of the building as environmental factors is esthetical and functional at the same time. Optimization of the natural resource will be achieved in many aspects. The factors that we want to propose are in the diagram.


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