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Hot-Spring Resort in Qingdao

Location : Qingdao, China
Year : 2015
Program : SPA, Resort Hotel, Shopping Center, Apartment, Highrise Condominium, Villas, Ryokan, Shop & Commercial, Spa Museum
Resort Design and Planning
Resort Design Architecture
Size : Total Floor Area  85220m2
Site Area   83709 m2
Type  : International competition 1st prize                 Himawari Design

Hot-Spring Resort Qindao is urban design, resort design and planning project based on Spa facilities in Qindao, China.

Himematsu Architecture participated in the design group, "Himawari Design".

Himawari Design won the international competition and got 1st prize to realize in this resort design architecture.

The site is a suburb of Qindao and surrounded by existing Spa facilities at north, many apartment at south and east and large park at west.

The large block is composed of many programs, SPA, Resort Hotel, Shopping Center, Condominium, Highrise Condominium, Villas, Ryokan, Shop & Commercial and Spa Museum.

Visitors can experience Japanese SPA culture from short to long period in this vast

area which is 83709m2 site area and 85220me total floor area.



SHIN, GYO, SO is a method of 3 steps formality used in Japanese culture.

For example, Japanese calligraphy has particular way of thinking which is gradually fading formality from SHIN(formal) to GYO(half formal) to SO(casual).

We proposed this way of thinking in the master-plan to install 3 level areas as urban design. For example, some spa facilities are classified 3 level formality from casual to formal to lead into the area continuously.



SHIN: SPA as holy and mystical place(impossible to enter)

GYO: People can experience SHIN-SPA (possible to experience)

SO: various type of SPA with relaxing atmosphere


Diverse Events

Each facilities are connected by streets and open spaces that support various type of events in buildings and outside-spaces.

For example, events are morning market, walking with YUKATA & GETA, musical concerts, candle night, fireworks, symposium, yoga, art festival etc.



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