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Rotunda Warsaw

Location : Warsaw, Poland
Year : 2013
Program : Bank, Park
Client : PKO Bank Polski
Size : 
Total Floor Area  3,005㎡
B1:1185 ㎡
1F:910 ㎡
2F:910 ㎡
Site Area   4,419㎡
Type  : Competition
Design :Himawari Design


Due to its prominent central location and recognizable shape, the PKO Rotunda is arguably Warsaw’s most recognizablemeeting place.

Unfortunately this building is perceived as an inanimate, monumental object – lifeless itself – with no specificinterface to the city and its people.

By inserting a new spatial scheme and usage, while retaining the main architectural features of this iconic building, we aimto change the vision of this symbolic edifice of Warsaw.

The new Whirling Rotunda will evolve from an opaque cylinder to atransparent dynamic spiral that connects people and activities and links indoor and outdoor zones at grade and on thesubway level.

The public spaces will reflect this new dynamic and allow visitors to have a new approach to the building. Theurban spatial design will give each visitor the feeling of being absorb smoothly as they enter this spiral dynamic and circulatethrough specific activity areas toward the panoramic upper level where they can observe busy city life from a quiet place.


We envision that this building will no longer be just a meeting place; rather it has the potential to become an animated iconof Warsaw’s city center.

Urban activities within the Rotunda’s new whirling dynamic will enhance its significance.



Inter-connected multi-purpose public spaces will include:information center, rest space, exhibition space, workshoparea, public market, outdoor amphitheater andcafe.The different functions and happenings for visitors willalso contribute to the revolving appearance of theRotunda.



The roof functions as reservoir for natural resourcesand changes according to the season.


Hot water collected on the roof is then utilized for refrigeratedconditioning through the Absorption Chiller Machine.


The hot water generated on the roof is utilized as heatenergy.The roof also functions as device of natural ventilationby utilizing the triangle shape of the roof pitch and thevoid space within.

A system of natural ventilation is especially maximizedin spring and fall when mechanical air-conditioning isnot required.The accumulated rain water on the roof will be utilizedfor irrigation of greenery and for toilet flushing on-site.

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