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Shinjuku Miyabi Residence

Location : 4-27-15 Yotsuya Shinjuku City Tokyo Japan
Year :  April 2019
Program : Design Hotel & Boutique Hotel
Client : MIYABI
Size : Total Floor Area 132 ㎡
         Site Area 56㎡
Construction : O’hara Architectural and Construction
Structural Design: Kume Structural Research & Development Office
​Facility Design & Construction: C.H.C System
Photograph: Kota Nakatake

This is a small hotel architecture design project in Shinjuku Tokyo Japan.

Himematsu Architecture totally engage in architecture design, interior design, sign design, furniture design for this boutique hotel design.

We design this hotel for tourists from outside of Japan because shortage of hotels for tourists from outside of Japan was one of the social problems in Tokyo.

All design was led by the needs of tourists from non Japanese tourist.

One of the particular design is impressive exterior inspired by hemp leaf pattern, Japanese traditional design. Tourists can easily recognize the hotel to stay and remain their memory.

Hemp Leaf

Traditionally, hemp leaf pattern has been used for clothes for newborn baby in Japan.
Hemp grows very quickly and straightforward in nature.
Hemp leaf pattern on newborn baby clothes contains a wish for children’s growth and health.
This hotel has hemp leaf pattern on its facade in same meaning.

We wish this hotel will grow and develop with many travelers who enjoy Japanese culture from around the world. 
The hotel with warm lighting facade welcomes guests gently.

Interior Wall at Lobby

Check pattern display panels made of wood were installed at one side wall of lobby.

There are two types of panel. One has thin chopped bamboos. The other has the thing you can change to install something Japanese or season's, for example fallen leaves, green leaves, Ukiyoe, Japanese fabric, Japanese ink painting.

Tourists can feel Japan in the space just after they enter the lobby.

Lacquered Floor

Floor is Lacquered AKAMATSU, one of the highest quality wood materials in Japan.

Refined & luxury space has been realized by pleasant feel texture of black glossy lacquered wood.


Cost reduction by CO2 controller

Each guest room has CO2 controller, AIR POLLUTION DEGREE DETECTOR, which operates ventilator when CO2 concentration exceeds standard value in a guest room.

It restrains temperature change so that air conditioner doesn't need to work more than necessary. The system realizes cost reduction of air conditioner electrical charges.

Humidity Conditioning Function by Interior Wall

Whole interior wall in this hotel has humidity conditioning function.

Interior wall has wood chip to absorb moisture when air in the room become humid and emit moisture when the air become too dry.

The wall keeps air appropriate humidity.

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