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Location : Taichung, Taiwan
Year : 2011
Program :
Museum, Observatories, Shops, Park
Client : Taichung City
Size :
Total Floor Area  6,445 ㎡
Site Area  4.4 ha
Height      380 m
Type  : Competition
World Architecture

Taiwan Tower is the project which includes observatories, museum and park in Taichung, Taiwan.

The positioning of the plan is to be a “Gateway City”. The theme of “four large centers and one feature” is adopted as a turning point for future urban development and encompasses a large park, large campus, large exhibition center, and the Taiwan Tower.


Taiwan Tower will become a new landmark for both Taichung and Taiwan.

It will be integrated with 21st-Century building technology to honor the local building traditions and symbolize the new Taiwan spirit.



The Creation of TOWER OF VEIN is aim that Taichung becomes environmental

city and declares world-leading existence against environmental problem.

Human faces environmental problems, global warming, waist of natural resource

and ecological system crisis in 21 century.

It is also caused in East Asia accomplishing rapid economical development.

Development of Taichung is based on geographical condition between grand

mountain area at east and vast sea at west. Tower of Vein respects the natural

environment and undertakes role of connection among citizen, society and

natural environment for the future.



The VEIN is proposed as a motif of nature for composition of structure, surface

and space.

The height was the standard expression to characterize tower, but we propose

the alternative, structure, surface and space.


2. Optimizing natural factors

Nature, water, grass and tree, is used for part of architectural material.

Porous structure declines heat loads by air passing through it.


3. Respects for Nature

People can view the relationship between natural surrounding and urban area

dynamically from observatories.

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