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Tanaka Dental Clinic

Location : Maehama-4276-523 Awakigaharacho, Miyazaki Japan 880-0835
Year :  October 2018
Program : Dental Clinic
Size : Total Floor Area 242 square meter
         Site Area 1101 square meter

Tanaka Dental Clinic is a newly built design project in Miyazaki Japan.

We organized consulting, architectural design, interior design totally.


The site locates in calm environment surrounded by deep pine forest in Miyazaki city.

The area has abundant greenery and famous for Phoenix resort hotel.

The site has originally many pine trees.

We aim to leave original pine trees as much as possible with designing dental clinic.

The building become 1 story to decrease an oppressive feeling and adjust surrounding pine forest.

We designed wooden interior to make relaxed atmosphere for patients who want to refined & clean space.

Patients can watch pine forest through big window from treatment room.

They can spend treatment time in comfortable space.

Circulation planning is one of the most important part not to mix between patients and staffs.

Tanaka dental clinic acquired ideal medical environment with satisfying demand by patients & staffs

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