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TOYOTA Car dealership 1
Location : Japan
Year : 2012
Program : Automobil Dealer
Client : TOYOTA
Size : Total Floor Area  352㎡
Design : Himematsu Architecture, MLO

This is automobile dealer along roadside in the suburbs.

It includes automobile retail and office for staffs.


Some glass cubes are inserted into glass facade randomly. Each cubes has each functions, such as image ad, video ad, kids space and car display space.

There are car display area, reception space and office area in a big interior space.


Ceiling is porous surface like a facade. Sunlight come into interior space through white fabric roof and porous ceiling to make soft atmosphere.

Customer can watch cars and talk about purchasing cars in calm environment by soft lighting.


Space above the ceiling produce hot air which works heating for interior in winter time and is released by pressure ventilation for inslation.

Passive design is working in this building.

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