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TOYOTA Car dealership 2

Location : Japan
Year : 2012
Program : Automobil Dealer
Client : TOYOTA
Size : Total Floor Area  380㎡
Design : Himematsu Architecture, MLO

This is automobile dealer along roadside in the suburbs.

The porpose of this retailer is to sell and display TOYOTA cars.

It includes automobile retail and office for staffs.


Ceiling has 2 convex part made of white fabric. One is to upward, the other is to downward.

Convex parts to upward create spot lighting by sunlight for cars in display space.

Convex parts to downward has a role as light of coloums which make sunlight soft to spread them into reception and office space.


Fabric part has 2 layers, one is roof, the other is ceiling.

There is a space between them to set up lighting.

In night time, the lighting creates brand image space and advertisement for TOYOTA.

It is possible to project images to fabric for TOYOTA functioning as advertisement for outside and brand experience for interior space.

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