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Trocadero Hotel

Location : London UK
Year : 2009
Program : Design Hotel, Boutique Hotel
Client : Criterion Capital Limited
Size : Total Floor Area  6,000㎡
Type  : Invited Competition

This is a interior design project for design hotel at Piccadilly Circus in London UK.

Piccadilly Circus is one of the most popular area for tourist, Londoner, youth and elderly.

This area has many commercial and entertainment facilities which are core of prosperity.


The hotel has 500 rooms of 10㎡ space.

This interior design is a model for the room of  boutique hotel design.


It allows single person who enjoy urban life and sight-seen to stay city center casually.

Glass separates shower room from bed room so that hotel guest can use them widely. TV monitor allows guests  to enjoy TV program and cinema from lying on bed and shower room.

Guest can stay here by using latest technology, internet, high performance toilet in the space.


Tourist use the hotel to take rest for preparation of activity for next day in the city of London.

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