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Vinegar Cafe SU

Location : Ukiha, Fukuoka, Japan
Year : 2007
Program : Cafe, Vinegar Factory
Client : Vinegar Factory & Cafe
Total Floor Area 105 ㎡
JCD Design Award 2008
Best Store of the Year 2008 Nominate

Web :
Design : Himematsu Architecture
Construction : Toh Construction Corporation
Lighting : ENDO
Furniture : Uchida Kenso
Media Publication
Shotenkenchiku : Jan, 2008
Real Design : April, 2008

Interior Design of Japanese Architects
Display, Commercial Space & Sign Design 2009
100 Architects & Designers of New Generation

Architectural Digest
Eat Out!
Graphic X Space
M2 360°Interior Design Ⅱ
Best of Coffee Shop Design

2010 World Interior Design Image
Detail In Contemporary Bar and Restaurant

This project is renovation from 130 years old house to cafe and vivegar factory.

This building includes cafe, factory and house.

The café sells the vinegar produced by attached factory and serves dishes based on them.



An ivy-covered house exterior is kept intact to harmonize with peaceful village and natural surroundings. On the other hand, interior of the house was reconstructed dramatically under the theme “Slice”.

A primary element of the interior is blue bumpy surface composed of tables, chairs shelves and a counter that creates the effect of “Slice”.

Natural light coming through big window creates blue dim atmosphere with reflection. It covers people to amplify special perceptional experience of blur blue space in the cafe.

People can enjoy meals and drinks with watching Japanese garden outside.

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