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Water & Sculpture Hill

Location : Ichihara, Chiba, Japan
Year : 2010
Program : Museum
Client : Ichihara City
Size : Total Floor Area  2,345 ㎡
Type  : Competition

"Water & Sculpture Hill" is a museum opened in Ichihara, Chiba, Japan in 1995.

This is renovation project for existing museum which is hub for culture and sightseen at lakeside.


This project aims for creation of attractive architecture that opens for surrounding environment.

Our method retains main structure, curved wall, colounms and floor with creating continuity of water surface outside.

We use strong element " Water" to improve old spaces considering our time and site surrounding.


Water Cluster

We propose "Water Cluster" cling to branch in silent forest which is realized by ETFE membrane framing exhibition space.


Division and Continuity for Artwork

Water cluster divide and continue space functioning for individual and group artwork display. It supports individuality and connection of art.


Art Space Diversity

It is important for museum to provide the spaces which contribute intention of art work.

Water Cluster generates variety of space, big and small, well-lighted and non-lighted,liner and wide, open and close. It makes artists easy to find own exhibition space to help their work by themselves.


Renovation by Water and Light

After renovation, the architecture wil be vibrant and lively by water cluster and surface that delete materiality of exsiting building. 

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