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New Yamaguchi Station Square

Location : Yamaguchi, Japan
Year : 2011
Program :
Square, Information Center, Police Office
Client : Yamaguchi City
Size : Total Floor Area  4,000 sqm
Interior Area  600 sqm
Deck Area  3,400 sqm
Site Area  10,100 sqm
Type  : Competition

This is a design project for New Yamaguchi Station Square in Yamaguchi Japan.

City of Yamaguchi is developing this area as "Ternimal Park" which is composed of "Terminal Park at Yamaguchi Station" and "North area development o New Yamaguchi Station.
Development plan is called "City Core of industrial interchange" to accelerate this growing area.



1907m walkway is made of wood spreading at New Yamaguchi Station Square like a branch.

160m new walkway connects south area from north area to make people confluences wchich create interchange of personnel caused by variety of space.

Total length of walkway is 2067m. Walkway become node generating new culture and environment.

Traditionally, Yamaguchi was gate for world. This project is redifined this area as contemporary gate by plexus walkway to revive Yamaguchi peculiarities.

We expect to accelerate interchange of people and culture starting from 2017.


1.Street and square generate prosperity under the wood decks

People can chose road pattern to go by themselves depending on climate, season and mood of the moment.

Structure of wood deck functions as showcase called "Everyone's Shelves" for library that people can put their books.

The shelves is used not only for library but information center and able to be used outside.


2. Wood deck

Deck design is considered universal design by gently-sloping deck with open air and nature.

Wood deck is made of lumber, which has naturality and maintenance predominance , produced from forest of Yamaguchi.

Deck column is composed of wood and steel and attachable column plate which functions louver, wall and everyone's shelves.


3. Passive design by natural energy

Spaces divided by decks faces greenery square to accept fresh wind, natural light and tiny sound. Interior space is affected by the outside factors by seasons.

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