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Commercial Building Design


Commercial Building Design Flow From Contact to Completion

This page provides the following explanations for those who want to build or renovate a Commercial Building.

Please see another page for an overview of service overview, design fee and design projects.

As an expert architect for Commercial Building design, our design process is  below to realize attractive design for architecture & interior.

Please contact us by telephone, contact form and e-mail if you are hard to understand contents in this website. It is free to contact us without any hesitation.


Design and Construction System for Commercial Building

Design and Construction System for Hospital & Clinic

We explain about design and construction system for Commercial Building before explaining design flow.

The above diagram shows the system for designing and constructing a Commercial Building.

The client should request the design to Himematsu Architecture, and construction to a construction company.

Although the design supervision contract and the construction contract are separate, our company and the construction company will work together as a team to complete the work until the end, so the burden on the client does not increase.


We will select a local construction company near the site when the design is completed .

You may introduce a construction company with which you have a relationship.

​We highly recommend a local construction company for construction because it takes care of your defects and maintenance after construction.

Upon entering the construction, we will supervise the construction and confirm that it is being carried out according to the drawing. If it is wrong, we point it out and correct it.

Since the construction checking system works, you can safely complete the building.


​Commercial Building Design Flow From Contact to Completion

​Hospital & Clinic Design Flow From Contact to Completion
お問い合わせ (無料)


Contact (free)

Please contact us by one of these, telephone, contact form and e-mail. It is free to contact us.
Please tell us your request details, space image, function, budgets, schedule or others.
We try to propose ideal design based on your requests.
If you have already decided the site, please reference items to be prepared.
If you have not decided the site yet, we can answer your question for free so that you can contact us.

初回打合せ (無料)


First meeting (free)

Either face-to-face meeting or web meeting is available, so please specify your preferred method. If necessary, I can visit the site and have a meeting at the site.

We can answer your questions immediately as much as we can.

If you are far from Tokyo, we charge you expenses for transportation & accommodation.

Please decide whether to proceed Concept Design according to the meeting.

You can check how many rooms you can get by 03 Concept Design (Paid) 



Concept Design (Paid)

​We propose basic design at first for a fee.
You can confirm direction for the hospital & clinic by concept, plans, elevations, images.
Design proposal will be one and only based on peculiar concepts by defining possible targets.
You can check rough fee for design & supervision in this page.



Design & Supervision Contract

You sign a Design & Supervision Contract after you agreed with Basic Design with Himematsu Architecture.
We will explain fee for design & supervision and schedule again.
It is possible for you to change a plan in next schematic design.
You agree with rough design at this stage.
Please check design fee & supervision here.



Schematic Design

We make changes in plan, elevation, section and images until the ideal design is achieved.
We provide legal and technical review and optimal design based on your requirements for the overall layout, exhibition space, meeting space, interior design, and office design.
We will design a space that meets all the rules and regulations that must be followed, such as the Building Standards Law and regulations.
We have a series of meetings to finalize the basic design.



Detailed Design

Based on the basic design, we will examine the specifications and details.

We will then work with you to create a detailed plan that can be quoted by the construction company.

Not only do we consider the floor plan, but also the details of the doors, windows, lighting fixtures, skirting boards, and other parts of the house that will be installed without hitting the beams and pillars.

Detailed plans for structural and equipment designs are made at the same time.



Construction Estimate

Based on the detailed drawings, we request companies to estimate construction cost.

We will meet with the contractor to determine which contractor is best suited for the project.

If the construction cost exceeds the budget, we will adjust it, and once you are satisfied with the construction cost, we will select the construction company.

At this stage, the contract for construction work will be made between you and the construction company.



Application for Construction Permition

We submit application for construction permission to public office to start construction.
You don't need to work for this application.
You can't change the plan of the building after the permission.
We don't need to submit this application for interior design project that doesn't change building structure.



Construction Supervision

If you want to ask us construction supervision, we are available.
We check construction condition & schedule if the building were correctly constructed or not.

We manage inspection for government office, fire station in Japan.
We still make drawings during construction to proceed.
We hand over the completed buildings to you after finished.



Follow-up Service

You can start your business after completion.
If you had problems on building, we can deal with them right away just after completion.
We support to write documents to start your business.
You can ask us for maintenance & renovation in the future.


Design plans of Commercial Building


Design & Supervision Plan


Concept Design

Schematic Design

Detailed Design

Application for Construction Permition

Construction Supervision

A plan where you can request everything from Concept Design to Construction Supervision.

This is the plan with less burden on the clients and the most requests.

Since construction supervision is also performed by us, the quality of the completed building is high and the finish is reliable.


Design plan


Concept Design

Schematic Design

Detailed Design

Application for Construction Permition

This is a design-only plan.

You can select the range of design pahse according to your wishes from Concept Design, Schematic Design, Detailed Design, Application for Construction Permition.

If you want to ask detailed design to a construction company, or a simple building plan, it will be work & reduce the design cost.

Since construction supervision is not performed, the quality of the building depends on the construction company ability.

​Refer to the design flow for the details to be performed at each phase.


Supervision Plan


Concept Design

Schematic Design

Total Design Supervision

The plan is for us to do the Concept & Schematic Design and bid on the design and construction of the construction company.

We will propose a design concept, design the exterior and exterior space of the building, and design the entrance and other common areas. From a design point of view, we will propose the main design principles through an analysis of the surrounding area and customer targets. We also compile specific design documents for the interior, colors, lighting, furniture, art, signage, etc., and select the finishing materials and give instructions to the construction company's detail designer.


Items to be prepared when contacting for Commercial Building design

​ 1. Items to prepare when requesting new construction

  • Site drawings with measurements (if you decided a site)

  • Request details

  • Others (​Images, Proposal documents)

2. Items to be prepared when requesting interior design and renovation

  • Existing building drawings with measurements

  • Request details

  • Others (​Images, Proposal documents)

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