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Flow from Contact to Completion for Hotel Design

In this page, you can read the information below for the person who wish to build & renovate hotel.In this page, you can read the information below for the person who wish to build & renovate hotel.

  1. ​Flow from Contact to Completion for Hotel Design​

  2. ​Things to prepare when you contact us

As an expert architect for hotel design, our hotel design process is  below to realize attractive design for architecture & interior.

Please contact us by telephone, contact form and e-mail if you are hard to understand contents in this website. It is free to contact us without any hesitation.

Flow from Contact to Completion for Hotel Design​


Please contact us by one of these, telephone, contact form and e-mail. It is free to contact us.
Please tell us your request details, space image, function, budgets, schedule or others.
We try to propose ideal design based on your requests.
If you have already decided the site, please reference things to prepare.
If you have not decided the site yet, we can answer your question for free so that you can contact us for free.


Contact (free)

We carry out site survey at the land you selected.

We research laws, regulations, local regulation, Fire Services Act, Hotel business act, Landscape Act, Landscape Act, Surrounding environment and rival hotel.
We will propose ideal design based on the information we researched.
We will present design & supervision fee and rough schedule if we recognized total floor area and difficulty from your requests at this time. We ask you expenses for transportation & hotel if it is needed because the site is far from Tokyo.


Site Survey (Free)

We propose basic design at first for a fee.
You can confirm direction for the hotel by concept, plans, elevations and images.
Design proposal will be one and only based on peculiar concepts by defining possible targets.
You can check rough fee for design & supervision from this page.


Concept Design (Paid)

You sign a formal contract for Schematic Design, Detailed Design and Construction Supervision after you agreed with Basic Design.
We will explain fee for design & supervision and schedule again.
It is possible for you to change a plan in next schematic design.
You agree with rough design at this stage.
Please check design fee & supervision here.


Formal Contract

You can change the plan, elevation and section to reach ideal design in the discussion with us.
We totally design site plan, lobby, guestrooms, interiors, restaurants, toilets and spa based on your requests with considering laws and technological study.
The design needs to satisfy the following conditions, Building Standards Act, Hotel Business Act, Fire Service Act and Local Ordinance or other regulations.
The design will be decided through enough discussions with you.


Schematic Design

We design building details based on the schematic design.
In this phase, we try to complete whole detail drawings with considering functionalities and beauty to ask construction estimate to construction companies.
Detail design means for example doors, windows, lightnings, baseboard can settle building smoothly.
Structural design and facility design will proceed parallel to support main design.


Detailed Design

We ask construction estimate to construction companies based on detail drawings made in detailed design phase.
We advice you which construction company is appropriate for your next construction phase by considering submitted estimates and ability of construction companies.
If the estimate is more than your budget, we try to adjust estimate to your budget.
You decide one of construction companies with our advises after you agreed final estimate.
You sing a contract with a construction company about construction, not with us.


Construction Estimate

We submit application for construction permission to public office to start construction.
You don't need to work for this application.
You can't change the plan of the building after the permission.
We don't need to submit this application for interior design project that doesn't change building structure. 


Application for Construction Permition

If you want to ask us construction supervision, we are available.
We check construction condition & schedule if the building were correctly constructed or not.

We manage examination for government office, health center & fire station in Japan.
We still make drawings during construction to proceed.
We hand over the completed buildings to you after finished.



Construction Supervision

You can start your business after completion.
If you had problems on building, we can deal with them right away just after completion.
We support to write documents for health center & fire station to start your business.
You can ask us for maintenance & renovation in the future.


Follow-up Service


Things to Prepare

1. Things to prepare for newly built hotel

  • Site drawings with measurements (if you decided a site)

  • Request details

  • Others (​Images, Proposal documents)

2. Things to prepare for hotel renovation & interior design

  • Existing building drawings with measurements

  • Request details

  • Others (​Images, Proposal documents)

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